Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ash Wednesday's Evangelizing Message

Today, on Ash Wednesday in the second reading from St. Paul we heard the words "We are the ambassadors of Christ!"  From the earliest days of the church there is a call to evangelize.  To be an ambassador means to be an official messenger.  At the conclusion of today's reading St. Paul shares with his community that now is the time to spread the good news.  As the lector at Mass read these words, it seems that some 2000 years later, the message remains the same and of the same urgent nature.  Let us all be ambassaors of Christ, today in 2012!  We are all called to be official messengers today in our everyday lives as who we are and where we are.  As this Lent season begins, perhaps this is a time to consider our important role in the history of salvation...

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