Monday, February 27, 2012

Where Human and Divine Meet

This Sunday's readings and Gospel so beautifully integrate human and divine and the importance of reading the signs of the time.  For Noah, he was led into an ark with a community of people he loved and together they weathered the storm, possibly at times saving one another on a day to day basis, and ultimately God saving them, setting a bow in the sky to demonstrate the covenant between God and man.  For Jesus, as he was drove into the dessert by the Spirit, was ministered to by God's angels and after the time period of 40 days gave a sign to the world with the words, "The kingdom of God is at hand."  During these forty days of Lent, we are given an opportunity to know that God is with us, that the kingdom of God is at hand; that we have the faithfulness of the community, the angels among us and God to watch over us as we search for the signs of the times, whether they be word or symbol, as an opportunity to deepen our faith, in order to fully experience a resurrection experience, come Easter.  I know that at times, it has been my family and faith community that has saved me through the storms of life for which I am deeply grateful.  I continue to look for the earthly signs of hope and love as a constant reminder that the kingdom of God is at hand.  What signs are present in your life that connect the human and divine? 

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